Appetite Suppressant

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It’s normal to feel hungry when you start learning to eat right, especially if you’re used to eating whatever you want, whenever you want. Sometimes you just need a little boost. At Empower Weight Loss Associates in McKinney, Texas, Diana Patton, FNP-C, and Kristin Cove, FNP-BC can find an appetite suppressant that works for you. These medications give you that edge you need to curb hunger and cravings, so you can be on your way to getting the body you always wanted.

Appetite Suppressant

How can appetite suppressants help me lose weight?

Some appetite suppressants work by making you feel full; others boost your serotonin levels, stabilizing your hunger level. No matter which type of appetite suppressant is right for you, they’re designed to make you want to eat less. You shouldn’t be skipping meals, but your desire to snack between meals or binge will likely go away. These perks can help make your weight loss as successful as possible.

Which types of appetite suppressants does Empower Weight Loss Associates offer?

The nurse practitioners at Empower Weight Loss Associates are experts at determining which type of appetite suppressant is best for your body. They provide prescriptions for the most modern FDA-approved appetite suppressants, so you know you’re getting the most highly studied weight loss drugs on the market.

Can I take appetite suppressants for an extended period?

Most of the prescription-strength appetite suppressants on the market are only approved for short-term use. They’re designed to curb your appetite and help you start thinking about what you’re eating and how often. Usually, you should only take them for a few weeks. In some cases, you might need to take them a bit longer. 

Your dedicated weight loss team at Empower Weight Loss Associates will monitor you regularly to ensure that the appetite suppressant you’re taking is working for you. They’ll gradually wean you off appetite suppressants as you continue to lose weight.

Do appetite suppressants have any side effects?

Many appetite suppressants make you thirsty, so don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re constantly drinking water. And you should usually plan on taking your appetite suppressant early in the day; these medications can cause insomnia if you take them too late in the evening.

Sometimes appetite suppressants increase your blood pressure or interact negatively with other prescription medications. Talk with your nurse practitioner about any medications you’re taking, even if they’re over-the-counter. Each time you come in for an appointment, your nurse practitioner will likely check your blood pressure, pulse, and weight, so you can feel confident that you’ll be losing weight safely.